Oriol Sans (English)

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    Oriol Sans studied economics, advertising and business communication. His professional activity takes place mostly in the world of business and institutional communication. In 1999 he was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and he started devoting a great part of his life to studying and disseminating knowledge about this intolerance. He is presently considered as a world reference on the matter. He writes articles and reports for different communication media and also leads dissemination seminars about this intolerance. In 2003 he founded ADILAC, Asociación de intolerantes a la Lactosa España (www.lactosa.org), and is currently its president. He also promoted the LIGN (Lactose Intolerance Global Network), a worldwide network whose aim is to establish a connection between all lactose intolerant people in the world. 
    Libros de este autor
    Se trata de una guía útil que recopila toda la información disponible y los avances que se han producido alrededor de la intolerancia a la lactosa. El autor, partiendo de su propia experiencia, ayuda a comprender con facilidad esta patología abarcándola desde un punto de vista médico, dietético, social pero sobretodo personal (experiencias narradas en primera persona).
    Lactose intolerance is the inability some people have to digest lactose, the sugar found in milk. It is caused by the absence or a low level of lactase in the small intestine of many people around the world. Typical symptoms of lactose intolerance are, among others, nausea, gas, diarrhea or belly pain, always depending on the amount of lactose the person can tolerate.