You have an idea. You just don't know it yet

The art of having ideas and making them become realities

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    Pau Garcia-Milà (1987) has been a businessman and public speaker since the age of 17. He is also the co-founder of eyeOS and Bananity and an Associate Professor at ESADE overseeing the Executive Master course in Digital Business. A regular lecturer, he was the youngest speaker at the 2012 World Business Forum and at th...
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    Given that ideas come at any time and that we are going to try to stimulate ways of identifying and promoting “having” new ideas, it is important to be prepared for when they come. In the end, an idea is similar to a two-second firework: it might seem great, awesome at the time and we might even get goose bumps when we see it explode before us, but we cannot make it reappear just by trying to remember what it looked like. ‘You have an idea’ is a small “big book” that prepares us for the creative blast of inspiration by offering us a series of tools designed to help us to retain and develop our ideas.