The 3 A’s in Success

Personal SWOT™

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    Lluís Soldevila es Ingeniero Superior en Informática por la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya y  Diplomado por el IESE . Ha desarrollado la mayor parte de su carrera profesional en Deutsche Bank Group, liderando diferentes proyectos internacionales en 7 países. Ha sido director de GFT en la ofi...
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    Business consulting techniques aplied to human performance
    In the world of business, the best practices are techniques that produce outstanding results and are used as a point of reference. Could the same be done from a personal point of view? The answer is YES, since many people consistently get what they set out to reach.

    The starting point in this book is the definition of goals/objectives/targets followed by a close scrutiny of how organizations systematically reach them. Next comes the Personal SWOTTM as a tool for self-knowledge and guide to define our personal strategy. It is a roadmap to success, based on a powerful concept such as the Law of Action, whose three A's will lead the reader's steps in the use of techniques, questionnaires, formulas, laws and some secret ingredient. In other words, a practical and motivating book to perform the changes you require to become your own best version, whether personally or professionally.